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Campagna Lupia


Considered the “southern gate” of the Brenta Riviera, it is located along the shores of the Venice lagoon (now declared a UNESCO “World Heritage”) and immersed in the great Po Valley which originated from the continuous flow of river waters that descend from the Alps and from the Apennines towards the Adriatic Sea.

The Campagna Lupia territory, composed of an inhabited part, and a valley that extends over the Venice Lagoon, offers the visitor a truly evocative touristic itinerary for many aspects. The tour that we will propose to you will truly be a unique experience of nature, art and delicacies.

The water-scooper machine from the 1800s is still in operation, the ethnographic museum and the Romanesque church now an archaeological museum await you. Situated very close to Venice, Campagna Lupia is connected by the very comfortable Adria-Venice railway line with bicycle transport, and is an ideal destination for cyclists to discover the lagoon city…. and not only.

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