VilleCard becomes Villecard+

The tourist offer on the Brenta Riviera has been enriched

The VilleCard 2019 has arrived at the ticket offices of different Villas on the circuit of Vela and of the other partners participating in the project. The ticket itself maintains the graphics and colors that distinguish it from its inception, however, it has increased the number of proposals dedicated to tourists visiting the Brenta Rivier.

The novelty of the 2019 season is that the VilleCard PLUS costs 9.00 euros, covering a wide range of services, including provision of free access to 2 villas chosen from Barchessa Valmarana, Villa Foscarini Rossi and Villa Widmann. There will be reductions on entrance tickets to the other Villas of the circuit and discounts for other attractions and services in the area.

The VilleCard PLUS is dedicated mainly to new visitors to the area; it can be joined with the traditional VilleCard for 2.00 euros for which San Servolo srl, the project leader in agreement with the partners, wanted to keep in order to make the services available to all residents and habitual patrons of the Riviera. This would give them a rich and diversified “basket” of attractions and services, however, accessible at subsidized costs and therefore to users with different spending capacities as a contribution to local welfare policies.

“Tourists on short breaks need tools that allow them to have easy access to the best that the territory has to offer, that give clarity on cost and leave open a range of alternative uses of the vacation time. The card is useful to meet these needs, integrating the services available in an area and facilitating its use.” Andrea Berro, Sole Director of San Servolo s.r.l.

The aim of the VilleCard is therefore not only to attract visitors, but to hold them for as long as possible and to encourage visiting those places and goods that are less well known and advertised, generating a more uniform and virtuous distribution of tourism in the territory.

The project worktable was the starting point for new and stronger collaborations between the owners and managers of the Villas and the various bodies that deal with tourism, culture and education. However, it is essential that every single operator in the hospitality chain promotes and proposes the VilleCard, creating an integrated and reticular vehicular system. The cards have been confirmed to encouraging the visitor to approach the surrounding reality in a different way, facilitating the interpretation and contact with the territory.

The brochure is to be updated for 2019 and will be available shortly.

download the information brochure 2018

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